Rejuvenate: Europe Trip 2016

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It came back all the way to summer 2013 where I went to Volos for 7th IOAA. I did win the olympiad, but there was much more that I got from that experience. One of them was my first exposure to the outside world. I only realized from that time that this world is huge with tons of new things. As I eventually went for university in Singapore, I got exposed to the global world even more and I started thinking to wander around someday if I have money. Therefore, I promised myself that before I graduate from university I will have traveled to Europe again.

Why Europe? Simple, I am too polluted by football and Europe is somewhat the “Mecca” of football. From there I know tons of things, the easiest example is I know most cities in Europe because of football. I know a city called Bursa in Turkey simply because there is a club named Bursaspor which frequently competes in the European competition. Then I realized that Europe is totally diverse and rich in history, and that was why.

Fast forward, I was in my junior year and I had to take an internship in my sixth semester which was paid. Fortunately, I went to MediaTek Singapore Pte. Ltd which gave me considerably higher stipend compared to other companies and hence from there I decided to take a solo trip for 1 month. I had started planning this from January, and it was hell of a period. Tons of considerations and decisions made it quite a tough moment, but now I have done it and I am going to write everything about this whole June.

There will be tons of stories and it will be divided into a lot of chapters. As for now, these are my plans. Please note that this is not final and if you have an interesting query that is possible for me to put as a single post I might add more posts.

  1. Itinerary and Budget (Plan and Realization)
  2. Flight Report QR945 SIN-DOH & QR109 DOH-FCO
  3. Rome in my memory: and all roads go there…
  4. Florence in my memory: overwhelmed beauty
  5. Turin in my memory: underrated elegance
  6. Barcelona in my memory: dynamic and cheerful
  7. Paris in my memory: elegantly sad
  8. Amsterdam and Waterland in my memory: warmly freezing
  9. Berlin in my memory: two-sided face
  10. Munich in my memory: soothing and beer-ing
  11. Prague in my memory: historical fairytale
  12. Budapest in my memory: where simplicity and complexity merge
  13. Athens and Volos in my memory: beautiful mess
  14. Istanbul in my memory: overwhelmingly rich
  15. Train travel in Italy
  16. Budget airlines across Europe
  17. Night buses across Europe
  18. Flight Report QR246 IST-DOH & QR946 DOH-SIN
  19. And the People
  20. Things I learn

As I will be home for around 40 days, I hope that I will have enough time to write all of these things, though I know that the past 1 month was really full of stories and it was quite overwhelming too (to be honest). So hope you will enjoy my series!

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