The just-finished Olimpiade Sains Nasional – National Science Olympiad, afterwards written as OSN – 2017 marks the fifth edition of the competition which I join as a facilitator (or trainer or coach, whatever), after my participation at the 2012 edition in Jakarta. These 4 years have been enough to provide me meaningful observations that I would like to share here. I have been coaching students from DKI Jakarta for almost all stages for Astronomy subject, from Pra OSP (pre-provincial level) to OSN. Whenever I am…Continue Reading “Observations from Coaching Astronomy Olympiad Team”

In the past few years, my football world has been totally dominated by Juventus. Timnas (National Team) rarely got public attention, especially after the dramatic penalty shoot-out loss against Malaysia at the Gold Medal Match of SEA Games 2011 at Gelora Bung Karno. I remembered watching Andik Vermansah’s late winner against Singapore at AFF 2012, but I had no more memories afterwards. Since AFF 2016 was going to happen, I thought I may revive my Timnas memory and (at the same time) my faith in the…Continue Reading “Back Being Red”

“Sorry I just dig down my chats and found yours have not been replied yet”

I received this message out of nowhere from someone, and scrolling up to our previous conversation I found that she was replying my message…. one week before. Literally.

The funny thing is, if I meet her or in a group of people with her inside, she does not look like a person who never opens her phone. Even I would say she may be considered as an active person on phone.

As I had no more business with her that time, I just ignored the message.

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I followed last year’s IBO post title for this title. Again just like last year’s IBO, this year’s IOAA was hosted in Indonesia as the supposed host was not able to do it. I have no idea why Indonesia likes to become a host. There may be some guesses like getting a gold is much easier at home and on the other hand the government may be able to…. okay I think Indonesians would understand.
Anyway as some have requested, I will post anything on my mind about this IOAA, but I think I would not make it in a timeline to make it not like a story. I try to be as honest as possible.

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A flight to Jakarta today ended everything. Finally the semester is over. It has been an exhausting semester, really. Academically last semester was tougher, but this semester is tougher in general. I had more commitment, and yes it has developed me somehow in organizing my time. I was messed up in the middle of semester because of all those commitments, but thankfully I went through well.

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I cannot move on from olympiad world. That is the fact for now. It was something that made me become here right now, and that is why I always want to help every training conducted for my juniors for the sake of giving thanks for everything I have received when I was a participant.

This summer I had the chance to train my juniors in DKI Jakarta more than I could last year, because this year I was not competing anymore. I came to the training almost everyday, except when I was invited to meet Ibu Ani Yudhoyono (and the gank). I got some teaching sessions, higher responsibility compared to last year when my tasks were only to create try out questions and solutions. I have improved though, I could feel that I taught much better this year.

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Pardon me because this post has been delayed for so long. I even started writing this exactly 2 weeks after students’ departure from Bali. Pardon me for playing Virtual Table Tennis too much when I was still in Bali after IBO and also Let’s Get Rich after coming back to Jakarta so I am so lazy to write here (even my post about my birthday was too forced to be written and it was so bad huh hahaha). But I want to let you know, I am still in hangover after all IBO hype. Especially looking at my Facebook news feed where IBO-related posts are still everywhere. Not a surprise, though, this IBO has been one of the best moment in my life.

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