The just-finished Olimpiade Sains Nasional – National Science Olympiad, afterwards written as OSN – 2017 marks the fifth edition of the competition which I join as a facilitator (or trainer or coach, whatever), after my participation at the 2012 edition in Jakarta. These 4 years have been enough to provide me meaningful observations that I would like to share here. I have been coaching students from DKI Jakarta for almost all stages for Astronomy subject, from Pra OSP (pre-provincial level) to OSN. Whenever I am…Continue Reading “Observations from Coaching Astronomy Olympiad Team”

I followed last year’s IBO post title for this title. Again just like last year’s IBO, this year’s IOAA was hosted in Indonesia as the supposed host was not able to do it. I have no idea why Indonesia likes to become a host. There may be some guesses like getting a gold is much easier at home and on the other hand the government may be able to…. okay I think Indonesians would understand.
Anyway as some have requested, I will post anything on my mind about this IOAA, but I think I would not make it in a timeline to make it not like a story. I try to be as honest as possible.

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