It came back all the way to summer 2013 where I went to Volos for 7th IOAA. I did win the olympiad, but there was much more that I got from that experience. One of them was my first exposure to the outside world. I only realized from that time that this world is huge with tons of new things. As I eventually went for university in Singapore, I got exposed to the global world even more and I started thinking to wander around someday…Continue Reading “Rejuvenate: Europe Trip 2016”

INTRODUCTION Since I started doing my internship, it is undeniably true that the feeling of “having the money” is real. From that, I have the balls to go backpacking in Europe next month. However since I thought that I might have been too brave, I decided to have a “preparation” beforehand. I looked at the calendar, and I found 2 long weekends during my internship period. One was Good Friday and the other was Labour Day. Certainly I couldn’t go during Good Friday because I…Continue Reading “Kuala Lumpur and The First Impression of Couchsurfing: Part 1 – The Journey of Spending Little”

Ever since that beautifully-failed Semeru trip, I have been wondering if I would ever go hiking again. I managed to beat my doubt in Semeru, but I doubt if I am able to do it again because sometimes I feel that I might not have been able to do what I did there had I not hiked with porter and my experienced friend. I still need “more challenges”, but to hike high mountains again seems so difficult without preparation. The upcoming holiday that time –…Continue Reading “Hiking Mount Batur”

“Sorry I just dig down my chats and found yours have not been replied yet”

I received this message out of nowhere from someone, and scrolling up to our previous conversation I found that she was replying my message…. one week before. Literally.

The funny thing is, if I meet her or in a group of people with her inside, she does not look like a person who never opens her phone. Even I would say she may be considered as an active person on phone.

As I had no more business with her that time, I just ignored the message.

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I followed last year’s IBO post title for this title. Again just like last year’s IBO, this year’s IOAA was hosted in Indonesia as the supposed host was not able to do it. I have no idea why Indonesia likes to become a host. There may be some guesses like getting a gold is much easier at home and on the other hand the government may be able to…. okay I think Indonesians would understand.
Anyway as some have requested, I will post anything on my mind about this IOAA, but I think I would not make it in a timeline to make it not like a story. I try to be as honest as possible.

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I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, but it was only in my dream because what I have always done in every vacation is just procrastinating at home. I even needed 10 days after coming back from Surabaya to start writing this (and continue 5 days after). My laziness at home is so bad that I may need a doctor for this. So when Augustine told me he wanted to take timelapse of Milky Way and (in addition to that) Junxian wanted to climb another mountain (he had climbed Mount Fansipan before), I dared myself to join them. I may regret of not taking the opportunity in the future, I told myself. Long story short, we chose to go to Semeru although me and Augustine had never gone hiking before and I might have been to brave; but what’s the meaning of life if we did not take challenges?

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Changi International Airport (SIN, WSSS) in Singapore is one of the biggest aviation hub in Southeast Asia. The airport is very nice, and I love being there so much. I think it feels the same for everyone, therefore Changi has won many awards as the best airport in the world. However beauty comes for a price as tax at Changi is considerably high, around S$ 50 per flight all-in. For some budget traveler S$50 is quite a number and the ticket price will look quite high then. Here is where other alternatives appear. If you are from Indonesian cities (and Ho Chi Minh City) and planning to visit Singapore by plane, you might want to consider flying to Singapore neighboring cities such as Johor Bahru’s Senai Airport (JHB) or Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport (BTH) instead.

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