Celebrating 19

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3 days ago, I celebrated my 19th birthday. It was a quiet one as only few people remembered that, but it is acceptable since I hide that fact on the social media (except Google+). I highly appreciate those who remembered it. Here I just want to write some random stuffs about that day. I have known that this will be badly written, so I apologize if this is a really bad post :/

Just like every birthday I had, I always look back to what I have been through. July 2013 to July 2014 was a completely new chapter in my life. It started with my memorable win in Greece, and then my university life -unexpectedly- started in Singapore instead of Bandung (which had been the plan before I went to Greece). Then I lived my first year in Singapore which was pretty much different than my previous life, but it made me more mature. After completing my second semester, I became a facilitator for both OSP & OSN preparation for DKI Jakarta Astronomy team; and also the unforgettable 25th International Biology Olympiad which I participated as a country guide. They were all packed in a beautiful year, which I cannot ask for more. And I hope I will experience better things in the future.

Talking about the birthday itself, beside hiding my birthday on social media, staying in my home whole day also made this year’s one of the most quiet – compared to the last 2 years when I had surprises from my olympiad team (2013) and my closest schoolmates (2012). However, this year I finally can celebrate my birthday with my family, something that has been missing for 2 years. It also did not hide the fact that I have survived 18 years of life and I should be grateful of it.

That day, I do not know why, but I was (re)reading “Manusia Setengah Salmon”. And you know that most stories in that book are about changes in life, which exactly what I am always thinking about when celebrating my birthday. This made me thinking more about my future birthday. This year’s birthday may be the last time for me to celebrate in Jakarta, because my father’s company may move him to Denpasar in near future. I also may not be able to be in Indonesia during my birthday in the upcoming years, especially after graduation 3 years from now. I cannot hide the fact that my free time or my time with family has been decreasing. Therefore, I hope I have cherished every moment I had because I cannot turn back time…

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